Our Promise

Bacher Products is a manufacturer and provider of premium components for riding arena construction. Our great passion about horses and equestrian sports has led to the foundation of Bacher Products over 30 years ago. Bacher  Products is a company operating world-wide with its headquarter in Germany – at the heart of equestrian sports. We are experts in equestrian footing additives and combine our knowledge as “horsemen” and our expertise in planning and constructing horse riding arenas into our products of the ArenaGrip® series. Our products surpass the highest quality demands and are produced with state-of-the-art technologies. ArenaGrip® products are subject to independent environmental and health controls.

In doing so, we can offer our clients the best products for ideally functioning riding arenas – and at honest and highly competitive prices.

An extensive network of international partners allows us to test and sell our arena footing solution systems all over the world and to customize them according to individual demands – no matter whether you are looking for a new riding arena or for renewing your existing footing.

We love the challenge of individual client’s demands and are able to find fit-for-purpose and timely solutions, not least due to our short ways of internal communication. It is our concept to always leave enough room for individual demands.

Every ArenaGrip® fabric-fiber-mix leaving our company is unique. Together with you we will determine the best suited kind, size, and mixture of material prior to production. Also, the ratio of synthetic fabrics and fiber content will be selected with you according to your own individual preferences.

Of course, you can also choose the color of the footing. The resulting material mix represents your individual designed riding surface with ideal performance conditions.

On demand, we are able to perform scientific analyses of your existing sand with our partnering research lab in USA which performs sand tests according to the latest scientific state of knowledge. In doing so, we can most accurately match your demands and find the right synthetic additives for you.

Wolfgang Bacher, CEO and Founder