Fabrics and Fibers

Bacher Products is a manufacturer and provider of premium environmental-friendly synthetic fabrics as additives of equestrian surfaces. Fabrics and fibers are a great additives and help improve shear strength, grip and make footing more elastic.ArenaGrip polyester fabrics are completely weather-resistant and thus considerably more durable.

Equestrian Mats

Equestrian Mats are most suitable as an innovative separating layer of professional  riding arena constructions. They give your horse the ideal grip and minimize slip hazard. Because of this, the risk of injury is reduced significantly while increasing comfort of riding at the same time.


ArenaWet is the innovative underfloor irrigation system for arenas.

ArenaWet “classic” contains an Equestrian mat with irrigation hoses.

ArenaWet “soft” is a new advantage in arena building for vital, successful horses in all equestrian disciplines.